Why You Should Use Automated Mouse Ear Tags

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If you work with mice, you need to start using a better way of tagging these animals. Automated mouse ear tags and learning how to ear tag mice properly will help you save time, record more data and access this data in a more efficient manner.

Image result for ear tagging miceUsing metal tags is still the standard practice in a lot of labs. However, there are a lot of downsides to using these tags. They are difficult to apply and can come loose. Some mice have reactions to these tags and it is not easy to find different colors or designs so you can tell the mice apart at a glance.

The main advantage of automated mouse ear tags is that you can scan these tags. Scanning a tag only takes a few seconds and you can easily update data for an entire group of mice within a couple of minutes. You can scan any tag to access the data for this animal.

These mouse ear tags are lightweight and very easy to apply. They will not come loose and you can easily find different colors and shapes to  tell the mice apart. You can find tags that are MRI/CT compatible for your research needs.

There are other types of ear tags that can be quickly scanned but automated ear tags are the most humane approach. The other options consist in more invasive procedures, such as implanting chips or transponders under the animals’ skin. These more invasive methods take more time and require staff to receive more training.

imagesAutomated ear tags are more affordable and staff needs minimal training to use them. Each tag has a unique code to avoid confusion. You can either rely on the color of the tags or scan the tags if more data is needed to identify a rodent. This is also a more humane option since the application and removal of the tags is very fast and does not cause pain or stress to the mice.

Switching to automated ear tags will help you save a lot of time and you will be able to automatically record data into a computer system. Accessing this data is as easy as scanning a tag. This is the most efficient way to keep track of your mice since you can have different groups with different colors and access each rodent’s individual data by quickly scanning their tag. You will also benefit from the quick and effortless application process.