The Best Candy Buffet Ideas

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If you are having a party or another event, one idea is to have a candy buffet. This is where you have tables set up with candy for the guests to eat. There are a lot of candy varieties, check on to have some ideas. Although children would love these they can also be a lot of fun for adults. If you do want to have a candy buffet, here are some ideas about what you should have on the tables.

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You have to have chocolate at your candy buffet. You can have some cute chocolates made or stick to regular candy bars depending on your budget. One idea is to have a chocolate fountain which can be a lot of fun.


Gummies are a great idea as well. You can have gummy bears but also lots of different shapes. From cherries to soda glasses. Get a mix of different gummies and have fun putting them on your table. Your guests will really enjoy them.

Old Fashioned

Adding some old fashioned candy to your candy buffet can also be a good idea. From hard candies to licorice, most people will be able to find something that they love. You can buy each candy individually or find kits of this type of candy altogether.


Retro candy can bring people back to other times. Find some of the favorite candies of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s for your candy bar. Some of your guests might not have seen that type of candy since they were a child and will have fun eating it again.


With a candy buffet, you want to make sure you have a lot of fun colors on the tables. You should decorate with that in mind and make it easy for your guests to grab the candy that they want to have. Make sure you have plates out as well as napkins. Having a drink station would be a good idea as well.

You can put everything together ahead of time to make sure you have the buffet looking the way that you want it to. If you don’t want to put the buffet together yourself, you can hire a company to do it for you. You can work with them on deciding what candies you want to have out and how many you need. Having a candy buffet can be a great way to add some more fun to your event.